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The picture I didn’t take

It was late evening, almost bedtime. The pups had been outside for about an hour after their regularly-scheduled early-evening nap. (Seriously. You can almost set your clock by their evening nap time!) While the others were outside, Chassie lounged half … Continue reading

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Snow day!

Ice day, actually. After several hours of sleet, my entire neighborhood is a skating rink. While I have not been brave enough to lace up my snowboots and go for a walk, the dogs are taking the slipping and sliding … Continue reading

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Can group training work? You betcha. Sometimes.

Over and over, I’ve read that if you have multiple dogs, you should train them individually. If you try to train several dogs all at once, you’re just asking for trouble. And if you try to train one dog at … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to my beautiful twins!

Six years! It’s hard to believe almost six years have passed since Ginny and Chassie came into my life. All of three months old, they were scrawny, full of parasites, had scaly skin, and coats that felt more like scratchy … Continue reading

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Labor Day Weekend Labors

It was so dang hot this weekend! I hibernate from heat whenever possible, so the girls, Frankie, and I spent the weekend in the great indoors. Frankie and Ginny played endless games of bitey-face. Chassie jumped into the play a … Continue reading

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Looking for the good

You don’t have to look very hard to find bad in the world, do you? You don’t even have to look as far as the never-ending conflicts in the Middle East. All you have to do is turn on your … Continue reading

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Frankie Friday: Can you believe it’s been 4 1/2 months?

March 16. That was the fateful day that brought Frankie and me together. My life since then has been largely consumed with his physical and psychological rehabilitation and with the fallout of bringing a new dog into my home. There … Continue reading

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When your adorably cute dog gives you a bloody lip

Recently, I’ve been injured a lot by some of the cutest dogs you’ll ever meet. See all that cuteness? Dangerous to my body, I tell you! Bitten Yes, by my own dog*. If I hadn’t taken the photo with my … Continue reading

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You have HOW many dogs???

As you might imagine, I hear this question a lot. I wouldn’t mind except that I always hear it tinged with judgment, as in “oh…you’re the crazy dog lady everyone always talks about!” A dear friend often tells me that … Continue reading

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Frankie Friday

Check out that back left foot! It’s almost entirely on the ground. Pretty exciting stuff!! Except. Frankie may have to have another surgery to remove more of the femur. Heavy sighs all around. Dr. Tate sent his latest x-rays to … Continue reading

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