Hi! Glad you dropped by to visit my blog!!

Who am I?

Well, I’m just a girl who’s crazy about her dogs. I’m just like you, probably. My dogs are not the best-trained on the block. They don’t always do as they’re told. They’re playful and exuberant…and often obnoxious. They get into trouble. They break out of the yard and go gallavanting around the neighborhood. What? Your dogs don’t do that? Oh….So, moving on, then…They’re (almost) always adorable, and to be perfectly honest, they have me wrapped around their little paws.

What turns a girl who loves dogs into a girl who, you know, treats her dogs like children?

Hmmm…genetics? My grandma, Dorothy, doted on her dogs. She cooked her (very plump) dog-friends chicken dinner every night. Grandma and Grandad always had a houseful of dogs and cats. We hardly ever saw the cats (smart kitties!) but the dogs were everpresent. I can’t even think about my grandparents without thinking about their dogs.

Or, maybe it was experience? My dad, like his mother, brought home every stray dog who found its way across his path. Unfortunately, Daddy was not a good pet parent. He quickly bored of the novelty, so they became someone else’s responsibilty. He was often unkind to our dogs, so I found myself taking up for them, arguing on their behalf, and doting on them to make up for the neglect and sometimes, abuse they endured.

Probably both, but the deal was sealed by two fabulous cocker spaniels, Mac and Alex. They saved my life – literally. They gave me a reason to live when my world came crashing down around me. When the shadows of depression and sadness threatened to engulf me, Mac and Alex were the light showing me the way home. They reached out and touched my soul when I was wholly unwilling to let any human being get that close to me. They were, in fact, my Jesus-with-skin-on.

And so I devote myself to my pets. They are my children and I make no apologies or excuses for treating them like four-legged humans. It is as it should be. 

No, I don’t dress my dogs up in human costumes. Yes, I let them sleep with me. (And oh, do I ever have funny stories about that!) Yes, my family thinks I’m…odd. Whatever.

So, this blog is about your dogs, then?

Well, sorta. It’s about them…and it’s about me. It’s about all of us being a grand work in progress. It’s about sharing stories of my journey with these wacky, wild, love-you-til-your-skin-rubs-off furbabies. They’re teaching me all about dogs (and cats!), but along the way, they’re teaching me all about me, too. It’s a fun ride – I hope you’ll join me!

2 Responses to About

  1. tammy says:

    just checking on you! left my first comment on your november 9th post.
    wanted to tell you again how much i like your blog!
    tammy j

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