Aaaand…it’s another birthday!

This time, it’s mine. And, it’s one of those milestone birthdays. When I think about the number attached to that milestone, I shake my head in disbelief. How is it possible that I’ve lived that many years??

When we’re young, it takes forever to finally be old enough to drive a car. Daddy taught me to drive the summer after I turned 15 – ever vigilant for police officers, mind you – and I distinctly remember the intervening four months until I could legally get my drivers permit taking an interminably long time to pass. The next six months until my 16th birthday passed more quickly thanks to basketball games, Christmas holidays, and spring break.

But then the next two years of high school crawled by, with the last summer before college passing at an excruciating snail’s pace.

Somehow, after that, time began to speed up. And now it feels like someone’s holding down the fast-forward button.

I’d like to slow that down a bit, thank you very much!

To that end, I’ve spent a rather lazy day celebrating my birthday. I started the day reflecting on life, as we introspective types are wont to do. All told, I’ve had a pretty good life, even though the life I’ve led doesn’t even begin to resemble the life I thought I’d lead. I assume that’s pretty much how it works for everyone. If it’s not, please don’t burst my bubble!

After that, I went to the movies. Yes, I know. You were expecting me recount some grand adventure with my dogs. If not for pouring rain, I probably would be, but given the soggy situation, Plan B kicked in. (Great movie, by the way! Midnight Special.)

Hungry after the movie, I meandered around the shopping center until I found a place to get something green and relatively healthy for supper…which happened to be near a cupcake joint. But I quickly abandoned any notion of birthday cupcakes when I found out the salad place served bread pudding. Priorities! I have some!

Now, I’m sitting at the lake watching the SMU rowing team practice. A cool breeze is blowing, the chirping birds and lapping waves are serenading me, interrupted only by the occasional runner and a cranky grackle. Oh, how I do love lakes!

Which is why this is where I brought B’Elanna exactly eight weeks ago on our last adventure. So, yeah, I’m shedding a few tears because I still miss my heart-puppy, still have to remind myself nearly daily that she’s not lost in the back yard when she doesn’t come running through the door to get her breakfast. I miss the way she exploded out of her crate, running laps around the kitchen and then prancing back to me before barking and chasing her sisters out the back door. What a delightful little dog! I am so grateful she and I found each other!

Later this evening, I’m off to choir rehearsal…where I’ll probably shed a few more tears because we’re rehearsing the entire Eternal Light: Requiem that we’ll sing in concert next week.

It’s been a relaxing, peaceful birthday. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing today, I hope you get to have at least a small slice of that relaxation and peace. And if possible – and if you like it – bread pudding.



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1 Response to Aaaand…it’s another birthday!

  1. Yonca says:

    May this be your most peaceful and prosperous year yet.

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