Twelve years young…happy birthday, Jool!!

New Year’s Day, 2003, was a bitterly cold day, cold enough to make a little calico kitty follow a stranger and three dogs home on the off-chance she’d get a warm place to sleep for the night.

Despite the fact that my other cat, Katie, immediately and thoroughly hated her…

Despite the fact that I knew next to nothing about cats and would only promise to treat her like a meowing dog…

She decided to stay.

2012_jool with teresa

This morning before I got out of bed, I was recounting the story of her “gotcha day” to her. Jool waited (rather impatiently, because shouldn’t I have been getting up and putting food in the bowl or something?) until the climax of the story…

And then…

With her face about two inches away from mine, she sneezed a big ole juicy sneeze. Gotta hand it to her, that’s one way to get me to get up and give her breakfast!

2012_jool on my shoulder b&w

Happy birthday, Jooly-bear!!

2012_jool in tree 1

All photos were taken by my friends, Teresa and Yasi, who own T&Y PixX Photography.

Update: Why yes, this post was previously called “Thirteen years young…” Apparently, I need to work on my fundamental math skills. Or get more sleep. Or both.

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