Snow day!

Ice day, actually. After several hours of sleet, my entire neighborhood is a skating rink. While I have not been brave enough to lace up my snowboots and go for a walk, the dogs are taking the slipping and sliding in stride.

Frankie chased squirrels and generally ran around like it was springtime. I was worried about his bum leg, but I never saw him slip or fall. Yay for physical therapy that works!

Frankie, trying to find that evil squirrel.



JoJo always acts like the snow is no different than grass. And like Linus and his blanket, she is rarely without a toy. This time, it’s the filthiest dog toy in the history of dog toys. You’d think her mom would wash that thing, wouldn’t you? (Pssstt! She’s getting new dog toys for Christmas, but don’t tell her!! Well, they are all getting toys, but she will assume all the toys are hers. I just tell her she has to share and it all works outs.)



My girl has put on some muscle! She weighs the same as always, but she looks much heavier in these pictures. We’re not discussing the ever-increasing white fur on her face. She’s only five and a half, after all.


Ginny and Chassie played their usual stalking game they play each and every time they go outside. So much fun to watch!

They hide behind trees and shrubs and then pounce on each other.


Here’s Ginny, patiently waiting for Chassie to finish her business so they can get on with the game.


And the chase is on!!


Cold weather is really not my cup of tea, but when the white stuff falls from the sky, the resulting landscape can be awfully pretty. I wish I had a better camera because the ice-covered branches along with the last remnants of autumn leaves were breathtaking. I accidentally captured the Evil Squirrels who torment my dogs in this picture. They make fools of JoJo, B’Elanna, and Frankie, who all run around barking long after the squirrels have moved on to the neighbor’s trees.


The Mexican petunias were still blooming three weeks ago, so I had not yet cut them back. They’ll be back next summer, I’m sure. I don’t think anything can kill this plant.


Winter in Texas is nothing compared to real winter in other states. This is about as bad as it gets, usually. But it happens infrequently enough – not even every winter – that it pretty much shuts down the whole place. Cities don’t have the equipment to clear ice-covered roads, so schools and businesses close. We stay home, play in the white stuff, snuggle by the fire, drink hot cocoa, and say prayers of thanks for central heating and flannel sheets. And in my case, also for 60 lb. dogs who nap in my lap and keep me warm and toasty!

Update on the cross stitch project: Finished!! Also? I found my threaded beading needle lying on the floor by the back door. With my eyes, not my bare feet.

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  1. Yonca says:

    Wonderful story and pictures.

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