The perils of doing needlework with a dog in your lap

Last night, the biggest little lapdog in the clan was hanging out in the chair with me while I worked on a cross stitch gift. The gift I’m making includes both stitching and beading. I’m coming down the home stretch on this one with only the beading left to do. And I’m encountering a few little snaggles.

  1. Cross stitch needles are large, thick, and rather blunt. Beading needles are small, thin, and quite sharp. I stitch without a thimble. Always have. Did I mention that beading needles are sharp?
  2. To stitch beads into a design, you start the stitch, add the bead on the needle, then finish the stitch. This necessitates having an open container of beads at the ready. I hold the bead container and the cross stitch project in one hand and stitch with the other. This can be a bit precarious if there’s a restless dog in your lap who bumps your hand, causing you to slosh beads all over your lap. This has not happened. Yet. Perhaps I’m testing fate?
  3. Beading needles are small. Did I mention that? Yes? Well, it takes me for-freakin’-ever to thread the dang needle because the teeny-tiny eye is kinda hard to see without going cross-eyed. It takes even longer when there’s a giant head leaning over my shoulder, breathing hot doggie breath down my neck because “Hey! It’s my turn to be petted, Lady!!” Apparently, I do not thread needles well under pressure.
  4. And then there’s the old using-your-dog’s-back-as-a-table thing. Not a big deal when your lapdog is snoozing away blissfully. It’s another story altogether when the snoozing dog suddenly hears barking outside and decides it must be investigated right this instant and all your supplies that were arranged on her back go flying. Which is exactly how I lost my newly threaded beading needle last night. Lost, as in I have no idea where it is. I looked and looked. It’s nowhere. Fortunately, I did not find it this morning when I walked barefoot through the living room. Because, did I mention those beading needles are sharp?
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