Now we know why Katie is the “lazy” cat

News from the vet on Katie: Her paws will be fine. In fact, only one paw really needed veterinary attention. One claw hadn’t come all the way off, and it was already getting infected. No other injuries, though.

While they had her anesthetized to clean her paw, they also took x-rays to try to figure out why she was still wobbly-walking this morning.


See the arrows around her knees? That’s arthur-itis, baby! And it could be why she was wobbly-walking. I’m sure she had to run fast and hard to get away from the Frankfurter. Kinda hard on arthritic knees, I would think.

But, check this out:


I think her pelvis is also rotated. The very crooked part of her spine is her tail, so I don’t think it’s a problem. I’m taking her to the chiropractor on Friday, so I’ll let you know if I’m right or if I’m just “seeing” something that I know happens to my pelvis. All the dang time. And it hurts! And makes me wobbly-walk like a little old lady…just like Katie is.

Whether or not she needs her pelvis or spine adjusted, the x-rays show that she definitely has creaky knees, and has had them for years. And all this time I just thought she was a lazy bones who liked to take it easy and lay around. Poor misjudged kitty cat!

Poor misjudged, FEISTY kitty cat, I should say. Because I was already in the back of the clinic looking at x-rays with Dr. Tate, I volunteered to get Katie out of her kennel. I haven’t seen her that mad…ever! She couldn’t see me because of the e-collar. I pulled it away from her face and turned her toward me. You should’ve seen the surprised look on her face! She kept growling and hissing, but she let me reach in and grab her and tuck her safely away in her crate. She was a very good girl until we were about two miles away from home. She started meowing, “Geeeeettttt mmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee outta this caaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!” Ours was a long, harried commute today. I couldn’t have agreed more.

Right now, she’s resting easy with some antibiotics and Really Good Drugs in her system. We should both sleep well tonight.

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