Frankie Friday


Check out that back left foot! It’s almost entirely on the ground. Pretty exciting stuff!!


Frankie may have to have another surgery to remove more of the femur. Heavy sighs all around.

Dr. Tate sent his latest x-rays to an orthopedic surgeon friend who said as much. Today, we went to get his back adjusted again and Dr. Giggleman was able to move his leg around. He let me feel the joint. There is definitely some friction there – and there shouldn’t be any at all. Dr. G doesn’t think he will walk normally without further surgery.

But we’ll see. He goes back to see Dr. Tate on April 19th. If he’s still in a lot of pain or not making clear progress in using the leg, she will probably recommend another surgery.

This really hasn’t been Frankie’s week. He tussled with JoJo over a bone and got his butt kicked. He tried to steal Callie Sue’s food and they apparently tussled – with the end result being a trip to the emergency vet for Callie. A big dog doesn’t have to do much to hurt a little dog. Frankie must’ve snapped at her and nipped her in the face. Even though I was standing right there when it happened, I didn’t know she was injured. Sweet little Callie Sue never even whimpered. About three hours later, she was behaving strangely and I noticed that the entire right side of her face was swollen. That freaked me out, so off to the vet we went. Of course it turned out that she could’ve waited until the next morning to see Dr. Tate. Isn’t that how it always works?

This week we learned that the Frankster can really hold a grudge. He is not happy about being anywhere near JoJo. I can’t say that I blame him, but the crazy fool started a fight with her tonight by nipping at her when she walked by him. Twice. And of course she flipped out. Can’t really blame her for that, either.

So the two of them were going after each other and I put myself between them and was trying to figure out how to grab JoJo when things got really interesting. Oh, yes.

Enter Chassie into the fray. Now, Chassie and JoJo are buddies. They play together well and I don’t really worry about keeping the peace between them. They get into little fights occasionally and I have to send them to their separate corners to calm down, but after a few minutes in their crates, they both act like nothing happened and they’re friends again. Weirdly, Chassie tends to pounce on JoJo when JoJo is upset. I don’t understand this reaction at all. I just have not been able to figure out the dog-logic.

Anyway. I’m standing there between an unhappy Frankie and an unhappier JoJo trying to figure out how to grab JoJo when Chassie pounced on her. And then Frankie wanted to pile on. Of course!

The secret to breaking up dog fights without getting bitten is picking the right dog to grab. If you pick the wrong one, the other one just keeps following you, attacking the dog you’re trying to remove, and probably you, too.

Do you hear the voice of experience talking here? Yeah.

And with JoJo and Chassie, there’s no right dog! No matter which one you remove, the other one just keeps coming. What I’ve ended up doing is picking one of them up (rather than grabbing her and swinging her away). The trick there is to pick up the one who is least likely to bite me in the face. I generally pick JoJo. Chassie is just too reactionary and I think she’d be inclined to bite me to get me to put her down – and my face would be the closest thing to bite! JoJo pauses to try to figure out what in the world is going on, because geez, woman, you just picked me up!

But…Chassie was on top…and Frankie was trying to get in his licks. I decided the only thing I could do was to keep Frankie from getting hurt. I body-blocked him – which took some doing! – while the other two went after each other. I’m sure it only lasted a few seconds, but it all happened in slow motion, so it seemed like it lasted forever. And then – probably NOT in response to my yelling – JoJo and Chassie just stopped fighting. They circled and eyed each other, hackles raised. I told them to knock it off, put Frankie in his crate and sent them to theirs (I get bonus points for teaching my dogs “go in your house”!). And that was that.

We’ll see how long Frankie holds a grudge. Maybe he can forgive and forget. But some dogs have long, long memories. Even so, it’s not an untenable situation. I’m confident that the relationship between Frankie and JoJo is manageable. They’re both good dogs. I just have to set them up for success.

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