Frankie Friday

The Saturday edition! Because Friday was a long, long day.

Frankie is cone-free!!! He is SO happy! And my girls (and my legs!) are just about as happy as he is.

Here he is with Lori and Lucas at City Vet.


Frankie does actually like both Lori and Lucas, but apparently was not in the mood to have his picture taken. Oh well.

So no more cone (whee!!!), which means no more sutures of any kind. Now, from the front, he looks like a normal dog. Yay! And he’s not terribly concerned that he has a pink-and-white mostly-nekkid butt.

While he was at the vet, they took more x-rays to try to figure out why he still won’t use his leg and why he’s in so much pain. He cries out whenever I try to do his physical therapy exercises with him. He cried when Dr. Tate tried to do them, too. She saw nothing on the x-rays that troubled her. The surgery site looks exactly like it should. She thought he might have an infection brewing, which would cause pain, so we’re giving him a round of antibiotics. She refilled all of his pain meds, too. I could definitely tell a difference when she added the second painkiller. He’s wanting to play-play-play all the time now!

After we left City Vet, we headed to Parker University, a chiropractic college in Dallas where Gene Giggleman teaches and also sees four-legged patients in a clinic on campus. Dr. G is a DVM who is certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association and co-founded Parker’s animal chiropractic program. We are so blessed to have him right here in Dallas!

Dr. G and I go way back. I think he’s been treating my pets since about 1996. I take the girls to see him several times a year. I tell ya, when Katie is being hateful, I hand her to Dr. G and say, “Fix her!” Every single time, her lower back has been far out of alignment. After her adjustment, she’s a brand new kitty.

I knew taking Frankie to see Dr. G was the right thing to do. Every time I petted him, I’d cringe at how crooked his spine was! Even if it wasn’t the reason he’s not using his leg, it would be well worth the trip to get his spine properly aligned. So off we went, with, I might add, the blessings of Dr. Tate and Dr. Johnston at City Vet.


Bored, bored, bored of all the waiting!


Still bored. Time to nap!

Frankie did great with the adjustments! He didn’t mind them in the least. Dr. G adjusted his spine from head to tail and then one of the technicians did cold laser therapy on Frankie’s surgery site to promote healing. And guess what?! Frankie started putting his foot down last night! And he let me do THREE repetitions of his range-of-motion exercises tonight! Now, that’s progress!!


Dr. Giggleman checking Frankie’s spine while the tech does cold laser therapy.


Dr. Giggleman being a good sport and reenacting the adjustments because I was a goofball and didn’t take pictures while he was actually doing them. He feels the entire spine with his hands and then starts adjusting at the base of the skull and works his way down the spine. There are many different ways to adjust the spine. Today, he used the tool in his right hand, called an activator. It’s a spring-loaded device that exerts enough pressure to skooch the vertebrae back into their assigned slots.


Close-up of the cold laser therapy on Frankie’s little pink butt.

Dr. Giggleman, who’s been a veterinarian for more than 30 years, said that in his experience, shepherds and huskies are both breeds with extremely low pain tolerance.

So, uh, Frankie’s a bit of a sissy.


We’re just gonna keep giving him the Really Good Drugs and not tell him the good doctor said that.

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