Frankie Friday


Frankie is continuing to heal at what seems like a record-setting pace to me. Four days after his surgery and most of the swelling at his incision site is gone and all of the redness is gone. It’s amazing. Dr. Johnston said that young dogs are healing machines, and Frankie is certainly proving her right.

The Cone of Shame is hardly causing Frankie any problems at all. He’s very strong, so when he runs into things with it, he just muscles through until he gets situated the way he wants. When he eats and drinks, he bends it so he can reach the bowls. He just doesn’t let it bother him. He seems to excel at just rolling with the flow.

The only problem the e-collar is causing him is that my girls don’t like it. They especially don’t like it when he runs into them with it, so they won’t play with him. He’s dying to play! Alas, he’s making no progress on that front. But, I think that will change after he gets the e-collar off.

We’re supposed to start physical therapy this week, but Frankie’s leg is still quite sore. He let me touch it, but when I moved it, he cried. So, I guess we’ll take it just a little bit at a time. Frankie puts his foot on the ground occasionally, but hasn’t put weight on it yet. Hopefully, that will change in another week or so.

In the two weeks he’s been with me, here’s what Frankie has learned:

  • His name
  • To come when I call his name
  • “Go inside”
  • “Go in your house” (his crate)
  • “Let’s go outside”
  • To take treats
  • That all dogs get “free pets” (they don’t have to do anything to earn being petted)

That’s a lot, especially since the only things I’ve actually tried to teach him are his name and “go in your house.” He’s figured all the rest out for himself!

He’s such a gentle soul. He walks on a leash without pulling, he takes treats without biting my fingers off, he patiently waits for his food bowl while everyone else is chowing down as fast as they can. He does have a bad habit of waking me at 4 a.m., but given all his other good traits, I’ll give him a pass on that one.


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