Frankie Friday

I’m going to try not to bore you to death with myriad updates about my new foster dog. No promises, though!

Frankie-the-Wonder-Dog definitely has a guardian angel watching over him. To wit:

First, he ran in front of my car, and yes, I was only going 30 mph, but I ran right over the poor guy. Honestly, I thought I was going to be calling the city to come pick up a dead dog. And then he got up and ran away!

Second, a complete stranger who was terribly afraid of being bitten stuck with me and helped me get Frankie into my car.

Third, his legs were not broken.

Fourth, he had deep gashes in both legs, one exposing bone, another severing a ligament, but they only required stitches and time to heal.

Fifth, his pelvis was not fractured.

Sixth, he needed hip surgery to remove the femoral head from his left hip because the ball joint is broken. It’s not a cheap surgery, as you can imagine. So we had a little fundraiser. And a lot of my friends and family made large contributions right away to get the ball rolling. (I swear one friend was sitting by her computer, tap-tap-tapping her fingers waiting for me to post the dang fundraiser already so she could be the first to contribute! You know who you are!) And then my sweet friend, Mandy, thought, “Hey, I’ll e-mail a radio host I listen to who loves animals!” And then Bobby Bones talked about Frankie on the air every day, posted him on his web site and Facebook page…and we raised all of the money we needed in four days. Five thousand dollars! Four days!!

Guardian angels, indeed!!

I am still utterly amazed. Complete strangers giving me money for Frankie. And offering kind words of encouragement. Yesterday, people were donating in honor or in memory of their pets. One lady donated in honor of her pet, CB, who had died earlier in the day. My heart melted. I couldn’t stop crying. I’m crying right now!

Early this week, I asked God for three small miracles: 1) that we would raise enough money for Frankie’s surgery before he ended up with long-term damage to his hip; 2) that my girls would be nice to Frankie – especially Ginny, who has a habit of being jealous and snarky to new kids; 3) that we would find the perfect forever home for Frankie.

Ginny’s being nice. Josie-girl is guarding something – I haven’t figured out what – but is snarking at Gin and Chass, so all’s well between the girls and the boy. Jool even kinda likes him!

Two down. One to go.

I particularly like it when God answers my prayers the way I want him to, don’t you?

Tonight, Frankie is sparkly-clean and resting easy. He was a stinkin’-winkin’ so I asked the good folks at City Vet to bathe him for me. They washed and washed and washed…and found a beautiful white dog underneath all that grime!

Here’s Frankie with Bri at City Vet. He loves Bri! He takes treats from her hands and gives her wags upon wags. She loves him, too, but sadly, she can’t have two big dogs in her apartment. He looks like a hunched-over old man in this picture, but he was very slowly sitting down.


And here he is sacked out in the car. It’s about a 25-mile drive home from the vet. In rush-hour traffic, that’s an hour. What’s a dog to do? He naps! (B’Elanna would be mortified. She has to keep an eye on things!)


From this angle, he looks like a Samoyed, don’t you think?


Whatever his breed, he’s a beauty!

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