Sometimes, I wanna be like my cat

Sometimes, I wanna be like Katie. She’s all spunk and cattitude. She didn’t write the book on being a kitty diva, but she has definitely committed much of it to memory.

Katie can be as sweet as pie. She’ll prance around or whine, or just bore her eyes into me until I take the initiative to figure out what she wants.


Katie can go from zero to Tasmanian devil in 3.2 seconds.

She looks squishy and loveable. And she might be, if you live next door to me and your name is Jeff and you drink your coffee and read your newspaper on the patio with her every morning.

Otherwise, tread carefully. Case in point:

This afternoon when I got home from work, the Gray Fluffy One greeted me at the door as usual. As I put my bag down and changed clothes, she danced around me, practically batting her eyelashes at me.

Wheeee!!! It’s time for SUPPER!!!

I made my way toward the laundry room kitty feeding station, stopping off at the, uh, “necessary room.” More prancing, rubbing on the door frame, and cooing in my general direction.

But I guess the necessaries were taking longer than expected. Katie paused in the middle of the room and fixed me with her yellow gaze. 

Feeeeeeeed meeeeeeeeeeee!

Then, the unthinkable happened. Jool just barely sniffed her tail. Didn’t even touch it. Just moved enough air around so that Her Royal Fluffiness felt it.


“Be nice, Katie.”

La, la, la-laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I’m just rubbing on the door frame. Don’t mind meeeeeeeeeeeeee. La, la, la-laaaaaaaaaa.

Then she turned, took two steps toward Jool, and SMACK! Katie nailed her with a right-hook to the jaw.

While I don’t like it when my cats fight, I gotta admire Katie’s ultimate fake-out. She does it all the time. Even to me.

Honestly? I couldn’t help but laugh because I thought about a certain person at work I’d prefer to smack up side the head than be nice to. If I channeled my cat, we’d be walking down the hallway saying our good mornings, and just when he thinks he’s scott-free, SMACK!

Yeah, sometimes I’d really rather behave like my cat than like a grown-up. Since I can’t – gotta stay employed so I can buy the kitty food, after all – I will just have to live vicariously through my sweet, innocent fluffball.

What about you? Anybody you’d like to smack up side the head? Feel free to live vicariously through Katie-bug. Believe me, she’s got plenty of mischief to share!

P.S. Never fear for Jool. She’s plotting her revenge.

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6 Responses to Sometimes, I wanna be like my cat

  1. Darcy says:

    Not where I thought this post was going. I want to be like my cat so that I can take naps and have a giant pet my belly sometimes and never have to worry about where the food’s coming from, how the house is getting paid for, and never having to clean up after myself because someone else does that for me.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hehehe. There’s a cat at our pet store that is kind of like that. Except he is not really faking Atlas out. Atlas is very wary of him, even though you can also tell that he’s really hoping they become friends someday.

  3. limr says:

    I want to imitate the way cats simply walk away when they are not amused enough to be near me anymore. This would come in handy about 20 times in an average day in my life. Bored? Just sigh and walk away. Beautiful.

    Your cats are gorgeous.

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