A pup-date, kitten-style

Some good news!

Miss Chipmunk Cheeks does not have heart disease! Yay!! She has turbulent blood flow in her right ventricle. The cardiologist said it’s not a cause for concern.

And we all breathed a sigh of relief! Okay, I breathed a sigh of relief. Jool was completely unconcerned about anything except eating because “you know they didn’t feed me at the vet clinic, Mom!”

Ahem. Yes, Jujubes, I do know they “didn’t feed” you. Yeah. Okay. We’ll go with that.

And then some not-so-good news

The Buglet, on the other hand? Well, we still don’t know. Her thyroid test result was in that lovely “gray area.” More concerning, though, was that her calcium level was elevated. That’s often a sign of cancer.

She went back to the vet today for more tests: more blood drawn for a different thyroid test (free T4, for those of you keeping score at home) and X-rays of her entire body to look for tumors. 

Bless those vet techs’ hearts! I really feel for them. To say that Catherine the Great is not a good patient is putting it ever so mildly. I fear they got a taste of my little Tasmanian devil today!

We’re encouraged that there were no tumors on the X-rays…but that means we still don’t know why her calcium level was too high. There may be more tests in her future.

I guess I should trim Katie’s nails so she can’t completely rip a vet tech to shreds when she gets fed up with being poked and prodded!

Meanwhile, back on the ranch…

The cooler weather has the girls making laps around the back yard like they were running the Indy 500. With puppy tackles instead of spectacular crashes, thank goodness. Although I have to say, the puppy tackles are pretty spectacular!

Jool stormed the door when I got home, running outside as I was coming in with Katie. I can just picture her: “Heeeeyyy…Mom’s got Katie’s crate in one hand and a purse and a bag in the other. No way she will think to block me from zipping outside for some fresh air!” ZOOM!!

Since a) it was already dark outside, b) I saw the neighborhood coyote one street over as I was rounding the corner, and c) my sweet little calico kitty practically glows in the dark, I tracked down the flashlight (WHY is the flashlight NEVER where it’s supposed to be??) and hunted that little girl down. Surprisingly, she made it easy for me. There must’ve been coyote scent in the air.

(And then I put the flashlight back in the flashlight drawer. Amen.)

And right now? Well, Ginny’s got the itchy-butt and is wallowing all over the sofa and growling at it. Her itchy-butt, not the sofa. That girl, she’s always good for a laugh!

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3 Responses to A pup-date, kitten-style

  1. tammy says:

    wow! you have had some anxious moments. but i had to laugh too.
    the pictures are worth a thousand words always, aren’t they! that’s some serious soft fur on those beautiful kitties.
    my zeke (he was a rescue, as all my dogs have been) but he also was a polish lowland sheepdog. had never heard of that kind! i lost him to cancer last year. part of my heart went with him. we were together for 12 years. there is a wonderful blog starring a little pon (that’s the intitials of the breed in polish apparently and easier to say) if you want to know what my zekey looked like. just like wilf.
    it’s http://wilfanddigby.blogspot.com
    now wilf has cancer too. but a little over a year ago he was given 3 days to live! and he’s still here!
    so miracles can happen sometimes.
    aren’t animals just the best!
    wishing you a merry christmas with your cozy furries!
    tammy j

    • Sherron says:

      Oh wow! Wilf is a cutie-pie! Zeke must’ve been adorable, too. I’m so sorry you lost him to cancer. It sounds like you had a lot of good years together. That’s kinda what we live for, right? I’m all about my fur-babies, even when they drive me completely crazy!

      Yes, Jool and Katie both have very pettable fur! Jool loves to be petted, but I have to be careful to only pet Katie when she’s in the mood. I have the scars that show the error of my ways! (Not really, but she did bite me once when I didn’t understand that she wanted me to stop petting her. Lesson learned!)

      Merry Christmas to you and yours, too, Tammy! And thanks for your encouragement!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Waiting for results is never fun. I can empathize. Hoping the next round is encouraging. And yay for the news about (Chipmunk Cheeks? giggling).

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