When last we left our intrepid Brown Dog…

She was running away from home on a fairly regular basis. Well, not running away, actually. Just taking herself out for a jaunt around the neighborhood. You know, darting in front of cars, chasing rabbits, checking up on the bobcat – that kind of thing.

And now? With the exits – and I do use that term loosely – all sealed off, that brown dog o’ mine is learning new tricks. The kind of tricks that “trick-or-treat” refers to.

We’ve moved past the days of eating everything in sight (including brand-new Birkenstocks sandals), ripping things to shreds (preferably something tasty like a $250 check), and digging holes in the yard.

We’re smack-dab in the middle of the days of eating everything in sight, ripping things to shreds, digging holes in the yard and escaping through them, running up and down the fence barking and pretending to attack people, counter-surfing at every opportunity, jumping over baby gates, chasing the cats relentlessly, and eating as much cat litter as possible.

You see the difference, right?

And did I mention that the other two adolescent tricksters join in the fun about, oh, 75% of the time? Oh, yes. The terrible twos? They’re a breeze compared to adolescence.

Like my friends who have human teenagers, some days I think I’m not going to live through it. Other days, I think they’re not going to live through it.

But just when I’m ready to go on the offensive, pack their little doggie bags and send them on their merry way, they counter with a sneak-attack of adorableness.

After a particularly trying day last week, Ginny crawled up into my lap, snuggled with me, and showered me with kisses. I cupped her face in my hands, kissed her on the nose, and said, “Ginny, do you know what I love about you?” Her soft, kind, brown eyes stared into mine as if to say, “No, Mama. What?”

“Everything!” And then I laughed out loud, realizing what I just said to the dog who has consumed about half of my favorite socks, the one who counter-surfs to steal food that I just put on the plate a second ago.

And then I smile and laugh some more and give her more kisses.

Because it’s all true.

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2 Responses to When last we left our intrepid Brown Dog…

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, my. Hand on heart sight for the hardness in that. It’s such a good thing that they are adorably sweet and cute in the in between moments.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Sigh, I meant, not sight. 🙂

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