So, you think your pup is smart, huh?

Of course your dog is the smartest one anyone’s ever met. Of course! We all know that. But now you can prove it!

Dr. Marty Becker and Gina Spadafori created PetIQ tests for dogs (and cats!), so you can show the world exactly how brilliant your fur-baby is. Or, maybe so you can put your theory that your…um…dachshund, maybe?….is dumb as a rock to the test.

I answered the questions for the whole gang. Because, come on, how could I resist?  I am happy to report that all of my girls – yes, every single one of them – are “pretty darn bright.” No big surprises, really. Well, except for the Phoebster.

I’ve always thought of her as “not the sharpest Crayon in the box.” Truth be told, she made it into the “pretty darn bright” category by the skin of her teeth. And she doesn’t have very many teeth! This warning from the “better good-looking than smart” category description seems awfully familiar: “Don’t let him off the leash, because he might forget who you are and leave the park with someone else.”

It’s happened. More than once.

The most recent event was right after I moved into my new house. I had my hands full with two 6-month old puppies and Phoebe’s absence, sadly, went completely unnoticed. Meanwhile, she was exploring the neighborhood, oblivious of the potential for becoming a bobcat’s Scooby snack.  Imagine my embarrassment and shame when my neighbor called to say he had my dog and I didn’t even know she was gone. Ack!! Great way to meet your new neighbors!

When I walked two houses down to pick her up, they had to coax her to the front door. She looked up at me like, “Who in the world are you?”And then, “Wait! Hold on, Lady! These people were nice to me! These people don’t have puppies who paw at me and bark at me. These people have old dogs. Just like me. I like these people. You run along now. I don’t think I know you. Nope, I’m sure I don’t. Crap! Really??”

And then I brought her home and fed her and I was her best friend again.

Back to the IQ test.

You answer a series of questions and then click a button that gives you a score. But that’s just the raw score. Your pet earns bonus points for every trick she has taught you.

Uh. Yeah. All of my girls raked in the bonus points. I am, after all, the best-trained animal in the household.

So, that makes them pretty darn smart and me border collie-smart. Right?


 Ahem…nevermind. Check out the PetIQ test. It’ll make you smile.

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One Response to So, you think your pup is smart, huh?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hahaha. I always tease Atlas that if a burglar offered him a bone, he would open the door wide and say, “come in! help yourself!”

    Now I am off to test his smartness. (Though I already know he is a genius, and definitely smarter than his person. 😉

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