Snow day with the pups

We had a little snow on Sunday. About three inches. Here in North Texas, that’s a pretty good accumulation. Enough to make a snowman. Enough to close schools. Seriously.

Yeah, yeah. Stop laughing. We don’t have six months of winter here – or even six weeks, some years – so we don’t do a very good job of driving on the slippery stuff (plus our cities don’t have the equipment or personnel to clear all the streets), so we’d rather keep our little ones at home, safe and sound.

We might not like to drive in it, but we sure like to play in it!

At least, some of us do. Others? Uh, not so much.

And then there are those who are skeptical, but curious.

And then there are those who are too busy looking for the critter that we heard earlier…and it must be in here, not in the attic!

And then there are those who act like there’s no cold, white stuff on the ground at all. Like this one:

And this one:

And then there are the posers. It’s really nice being the girl behind the camera when there’s a poser in the group.

There’s only so much posing you can do, though, then it’s back to playtime.

And chasing squirrels. Not that there are any squirrels outside at 4:30 in the afternoon when it’s 25 degrees. They’re all napping in the attic.

Some try to make up for the mysterious lack of squirrels by looking adorable. Or pitiful.

Pitiful wins. Time to go inside and defrost the doxie popsicle!

Note: My very talented neighbor made the snow dog last year. My talent lies more in the area of marveling, ooohing and aaahing, taking pictures, and offering copious amounts of praise.

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One Response to Snow day with the pups

  1. Elizabeth says:

    So much fun and happiness in your yard.

    Atlas runs outside and then he steps on the snow and looks at me like he’s been tricked and what’s this horrid cold white stuff and then he gets distracted and goes back to playing.

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